This page was exported from Braindump2go Free IT Certification Exams and Tests Collection [ ] Export date:Tue Oct 15 0:05:03 2019 / +0000 GMT ___________________________________________________ Title: [2016-July-Latest]Instant Cisco 300-206 VCE & 300-206 PDF Free Download in Braindump2go[NQ31-NQ40] --------------------------------------------------- 2016/07 Cisco Official News300-206:Implementing Cisco Edge Network Security Solutions Exam Questions Updated Today! Instant Free Download 300-206 PDF & 300-206 VCE Dumps from!100% Pass Guaranteed! 100% Real Exam Questions! NEW QUESTION 31 - NEW QUESTION 40: 1.|2016/07 Latest Cisco 300-206 PDF & 300-206 VCE 223Q&As:|2016/07 Latest Cisco 300-206 Exam Questions PDF: QUESTION 31Where in the Cisco ASA appliance CLI are Active/Active Failover configuration parameters configured? A.    admin contextB.    customer contextC.    system execution spaceD.    within the system execution space and admin contextE.    within each customer context and admin context Answer: C QUESTION 32Which Cisco ASA object group type offers the most flexibility for grouping different services together based on arbitrary protocols? A.    networkB.    ICMPC.    protocolD.    TCP-UDPE.    service Answer: E QUESTION 33Which Cisco ASA show command groups the xlates and connections information together in its output? A.    show connB.    show conn detailC.    show xlateD.    show aspE.    show local-host Answer: E QUESTION 34When a Cisco ASA is configured in multiple context mode, within which configuration are the interfaces allocated to the security contexts? A.    each security contextB.    system configurationC.    admin context (context with the "admin" role)D.    context startup configuration file (.cfg file) Answer: B QUESTION 35When troubleshooting redundant interface operations on the Cisco ASA, which configuration should be verified? A.    The nameif configuration on the member physical interfaces are identical.B.    The MAC address configuration on the member physical interfaces are identical.C.    The active interface is sending periodic hellos to the standby interface.D.    The IP address configuration on the logical redundant interface is correct.E.    The duplex and speed configuration on the logical redundant interface are correct. Answer: D QUESTION 36On the Cisco ASA, where are the Layer 5-7 policy maps applied? A.    inside the Layer 3-4 policy mapB.    inside the Layer 3-4 class mapC.    inside the Layer 5-7 class mapD.    inside the Layer 3-4 service policyE.    inside the Layer 5-7 service policy Answer: A QUESTION 37A Cisco ASA requires an additional feature license to enable which feature? A.    transparent firewallB.    cut-thru proxyC.    threat detectionD.    botnet traffic filteringE.    TCP normalizer Answer: D QUESTION 38Which four are IPv6 First Hop Security technologies? (Choose four.) A.    SendB.    Dynamic ARP InspectionC.    Router Advertisement GuardD.    Neighbor Discovery InspectionE.    Traffic Storm ControlF.    Port SecurityG.    DHCPv6 Guard Answer: ACDG QUESTION 39IPv6 addresses in an organization's network are assigned using Stateless AddressAutoconfiguration. What is a security concern of using SLAAC for IPv6 address assignment? A.    Man-In-The-Middle attacks or traffic interception using spoofed IPv6 Router AdvertisementsB.    Smurf or amplification attacks using spoofed IPv6 ICMP Neighbor SolicitationsC.    Denial of service attacks using TCP SYN floodsD.    Denial of Service attacks using spoofed IPv6 Router Solicitations Answer: A QUESTION 40Which two parameters must be configured before you enable SCP on a router? (Choose two.) A.    SSHB.    authorizationC.    ACLsD.    NTPE.    TACACS+ Answer: AB !!!RECOMMEND!!! Braindump2go 2016/07 New Cisco 300-206 Exam VCE and PDF 223Q&As Dumps Download: [100% 300-206 Exam Pass Promised!]   2016/07 Cisco 300-206 New Questions and Answers PDF: --------------------------------------------------- Images: --------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------- Post date: 2016-07-27 06:38:38 Post date GMT: 2016-07-27 06:38:38 Post modified date: 2016-07-27 06:38:38 Post modified date GMT: 2016-07-27 06:38:38 ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Export of Post and Page as text file has been powered by [ Universal Post Manager ] plugin from