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Which goal of the sizing process for solution design is true?

A. type of TAC support available
B. type of platform to be used
C. pricing of individual components
D. version of operating system to be used

Answer: B

Which setting decides on the memory allocations for each thread executed by the HPC applications?

A. CPU Performance
B. Energy Performance
C. Non-Uniform Memory Access
D. HPC Mode Access

Answer: C

How many calls does a CE1000 medium server support?

A. 500 traversal / 750 non-traversal
B. 500 traversal /1000 non-traversal
C. 1000 traversal/5000 non-traversal
D. 150 traversal / 750 non-traversal

Answer: D

Which feature of the Cisco BE 7000 appliance is supported?

A. PBX phone system
B. digital key voice system
C. analog phone system
D. VoIP phone system

Answer: D

Which expansion of IOPS is true?

A. Input/Output Octets per second
B. In/Out Operations per second
C. In/Out Occasions per second
D. Input/Output Occasions per second

Answer: B

Which guideline for SAN and NAS storage arrays is true?

A. Cisco UC apps use a 24 kilobyte block size to determine bandwidth needs.
B. Ethernet ports for LAN access and Ethernet ports for storage may only be separate.
C. Adapters for storage access do not follow hardware rules.
D. Design your deployment in accordance with the Cisco UCS high availability guideline.

Answer: D

For which type of deployment is the Cisco VN-Link recommended?

A. those using remote network and N AS storage
B. those using remote network and SAN storage
C. those using local network and NAS storage
D. those using local network and DAS storage

Answer: D

Which features are offered by the Cisco BE4000 appliance?

A. premises-based management
B. cloud-hosted management
C. 400 premises-based phones
D. cloud-hosted server

Answer: B

Which additional task must you do when you create a maintenance policy?

A. Select a backup policy.
B. Create a VM policy.
C. Select a reboot policy.
D. Create a maintenance administrator.

Answer: C

Which purpose of the Call Service Connect of Cisco Spark Hybrid is true?

A. It makes Cisco Spark aware of calls placed between VCS devices.
B. It integrates Cisco Spark with Cisco VCS to connect calls.
C. It makes Cisco Spark aware of calls placed between UCM, or between HCS, devices.
D. It integrates Cisco Spark with Cisco UCM to connect calls.

Answer: D

Which use of the Smart Call Home Configuration window is true?

A. selecting the network master configuration location
B. selecting email address for alert messages
C. selecting text address for alert messages
D. selecting the method to send data to TAC

Answer: D


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