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In Cisco Unified Communications Manager IM and Presence Service, what is the role of the AXL/SOAP interface?

A.    It provides LDAP authentication for users of Cisco Jabber.
B.    It handles database synchronization by pulling information from the Cisco Unified Communications Manager database and populating the Cisco Unified Communications Manager IM and Presence Service database.
C.    It allows users to control their phones.
D.    It handles presence information exchange and instant messaging.

Answer: B

Which protocol does Jabber use to communicate with the Cisco IM and Presence server when instant messages are sent and received?

A.    MSNP
C.    XMPP

Answer: C

When using Cisco Unified Communications Manager IM and Presence Service in a federated network configuration, which statement about Message Archiver is true?

A.    The sender cluster sends the message to the remote cluster before archiving it.
B.    Message Archiver is not supported in a federated network configuration.
C.    The sender cluster archives the message before sending it to the remote cluster.
D.    The message is archived on the remote cluster only.

Answer: C

Which service parameter must be configured in Cisco Unified Communications Manager to enable SIP PUBLISH on a SIP trunk as the mechanism for presence interaction with Cisco Unified Presence?

A.    IM and Presence publish trunk
B.    route class trunk
C.    processing on QSIG trunk
D.    fail call over SIP trunk

Answer: A

Which four configurations should you enable on Cisco Unified Communications Manager for integration with Cisco Unified Communications Manager IM and Presence Service? (Choose four.)

A.    Enable Cisco CallManager service
B.    Enable Cisco TFTP service
C.    Enable Cisco CTIManager service
D.    Enable Cisco AXL Web service
E.    Enable Cisco CARWeb service
F.    Enable Cisco Extended Functions service
G.    EnableCisco Instant Messenger service
H.    EnableCisco Unified Presence service

Answer: ABCD

Which service must you restart, in order to enable file transfers on the Cisco Unified Communications Manager IM and Presence server?

A.    Cisco SIP Proxy
B.    Cisco Presence Engine
C.    Cisco XCP Router
D.    Cisco Sync Agent

Answer: C

Which CCC action applies only to the Cisco TelePresence MPS Series?

A.    block fast update requests
B.    Status Duo Video
C.    move back
D.    release floor

Answer: A

Which protocol is prioritized by Cisco TMS for conferencing?

A.    SIP
B.    MGCP
C.    H.323
D.    SCCP

Answer: C

How does Cisco TMS set up a call with an endpoint that is registered with Cisco Unified Communications Manager and that is connected to Cisco VCS?

A.    Cisco TMS uses an IP dialing plan.
B.    Cisco TMS uses a SIP trunk.
C.    Cisco TMS removes the top-level domain from calls that go through Cisco Unified Communications Manager.
D.    Cisco TMS drops the call, because it can verify that the trunk between Cisco Unified Communications Manager and Cisco VCS is down.

Answer: B

On Cisco TelePresence Management Suite, which two call control devices are supported for call control and setup? (Choose two.)

A.    Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express
B.    Cisco TelePresence Video Communication Server
C.    Cisco Unified Border Element
D.    Cisco Unified Communications Manager
E.    any SIP-capable call control system

Answer: BD


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