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A vApp template recently added to a Content Library is not displayed.
Which two actions could correct this problem? (Choose two.)

A.    Manually synchronize the library
B.    Select the Download all library content immediately option
C.    Select the Sync subscribed library option
D.    Manually download the vApp template

Answer: AB

Which three are requirements when using vMotion to move a virtual machine across vCenter Server systems? (Choose three.)

A.    Both vCenter Servers must be using Enhanced Linked Mode.
B.    Both vCenter Servers must be in the same Single Sign-On Domain.
C.    Time must be synchronized.
D.    Duplicate VM MAC addresses must be configured.
E.    Both vCenter Servers must have High Availability enabled on source and destination clusters.

Answer: ABC

What is required when changing a virtual machine name using the vSphere Web Client?

A.    Verify connectivity to the ESXi host where the virtual machine is running and its inventory list is accessible.
B.    Verify in which datastore the virtual machine resides and that you have access and its inventory list is accessible.
C.    Verify that virtual machine files are stored in the same datastore and can be accessed in the datastore browser list.
D.    Verify the virtual machine is not running in Fault Tolerant mode and that it is not in a Distributed Resource Scheduler cluster

Answer: A

What are three goals of resource management within a cluster? (Choose three.)

A.    To prevent virtual machines from monopolizing resources and to guarantee predictable service rates.
B.    To exploit undercommitted resources and overcommit with graceful degradation.
C.    To provide solutions to potential problems that you might encounter when using vCenter Server.
D.    To control the relative importance of virtual machines and provide flexible dynamic partitioning.
E.    To provide additional network administration capabilities.

Answer: ABD

vMotion can be performed between which three physical boundaries? (Choose three.)

A.    Between two vCenter Server Systems
B.    Between two vSphere Distributed Virtual Switches
C.    Between two vCenter Server Datacenter objects
D.    Between two VMware NSX Layer 4 segments
E.    Between two NFS datastores

Answer: ABC

Refer to the Exhibit. An administrator logs into the vSphere Web Client and sees the warning shown in the Exhibit.
During a change control window, the warning was addressed.
What should be done to verify that the host is no longer showing the warning?

A.    Run a Remediate host operation.
B.    Recheck the compliance of the host.
C.    Restart the host to get rid of the warning.
D.    Install VMware tools to clear the warning.

Answer: B

Which two statements are true regarding VMware vSphere Flash Read Cache (vFRC)? (Choose two.)

A.    Cache fills and cache evictions happen in the granularity of a cache block size.
B.    vFRC caches data from both read and write I/Os, but write I/Os are always serviced by the underlying storage.
C.    vFRC caches data from both read and write I/Os, but write I/Os are always serviced by the underlying cache data.
D.    Cache fills and cache evictions happen in the granularity of the disk block size.

Answer: AB

An administrator is unable to login to vCenter Server when using the vSphere web client.
The administrator successfully accessed vCenter Server using the client earlier the same day.
What is the most appropriate first step the administrator should take to resolve this issue?

A.    Verify the web browser being used has Adobe Flash plugin version 11.5 or later
B.    Verify the vCenter Single Sign-On service is running on the vCenter Server
C.    Verify the vSphere Web Server service is running on the vCenter Server
D.    Verify the administrator has permissions configured in vCenter Server

Answer: B

An organization has configured Distributed Power Management (DPM) on a vSphere 6 cluster. The organization wants to be alerted when an ESXi host has been powered down by DPM.
Which two options represent the type and name of the alarm that would accomplish this? (Choose two.)

A.    DrsEnteringStandbyModeEvent
B.    DrsEnteredStandbyModeEvent
C.    Event-based
D.    Condition-based

Answer: BC

A physical Windows 2008 R2 Server is converted to a virtual machine using VMware vCenter Converter. Upon completion of the conversion and subsequent power on operation, the virtual machine fails to boot and the message below is observed in the Console of the virtual machine:
Which two potential issues may be causing this boot failure? (Choose two.)

A.    An incorrect SCSI controller was selected during conversion.
B.    Incompatible software drivers were migrated into the virtual machine from the source machine.
C.    The vmdk file backing the virtual machine was thick provisioned.
D.    A snapshot was taken immediately after the conversion completed.

Answer: AB


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