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Which step in the problem-solving model is important to accurately interview end users to get all the pertinent details of the problem?

A.    Implement Action Plan
B.    Define the Problem
C.    Consider the Possibilities
D.    Create Action Plan
E.    Gather Facts
F.    Observe Results
G.    Restart Problem-Solving Process
H.    Problem Resolved

Answer: E
You are a network technician working in the Network Company. Recently, users complain that they cannot call the PSTN. With the help of testing, you find that the gateway is not switching to the secondary call agent when the primary call agent is unreachable. In order to permit the MGCP gateway to take use of a different call agent once the primary fails, which configuration should you make?

A.    Add ccm-manager fallback-mgcp command to the gateway.
B.    Add ccm-manager redundant-host command to the gateway
C.    Assign a Cisco Unified CallManager group including the secondary call agent to the gateway
D.    Define gateway as a non-gatekeeper-controlled intercluster trunk with the secondary Cisco Unified
CallManager defined.

Answer: B
Users are making calls from Cisco IP Phones that are registered on a Cisco Unified Communications Manager cluster through an H.323 gateway to the PSTN phones. Sometimes these users report that calls are dropped after they have talked for some time.
Different Cisco Unified CM servers have been rebooted for testing during production hours.
Currently Cisco IOS 12.0 is used on the H.323 gateway.
Which change helps to prevent calls from dropping when a Cisco Unified CM server is rebooted during testing?

A.    Upgrade the gateway Cisco IOS software to a version later than 12.4(4)9T.
B.    A misconfiguration of calling search spaces must exist. Reconfigure the CSS.
C.    There is no scenario where rebooting an H.323 gateway will allow call survivability.
D.    A misconfiguration of VoIP dial peers to the Cicso Unified CM servers must exist.
Reconfigure the VoIP dial peers.

Answer: A
Which Cisco troubleshooting tool allows syslog logs to be viewed?

A.    RTMT
B.    DNA
C.    sniffer filters
D.    the Triple combo tool

Answer: A
Which three troubleshooting tools are available on Cisco Unified Communications Manager? (Choose three.)

A.    CLI
B.    SDL and SDI trace
C.    Netcool
D.    alarms
E.    SCCP troubleshooting tools
F.    RTMT

Answer: ABF
Which tool or approach is the most effective to display detailed real-time output of CPU utilization of Cisco Unified Communications Manager servers for troubleshooting purposes?

A.    RTMT
B.    DNA
C.    creating trace files
D.    sniffer traces

Answer: A
When using trace output to troubleshoot a Cisco Unified CallManager 5.0 problem, how can you collect and view the trace files?

A.    Download the RTMT plug-in from the Cisco Unified CallManager Serviceability page to view the
preconfigured trace files.
B.    Configure the proper trace settings on the Cisco Unified CallManager Serviceability page and
then use the embedded RTMT tool to view the trace files.
C.    Configure the proper alarms and traces on the Cisco Unified CallManager Administration page
and view the output with the RTMT plug-in.
D.    Configure the proper trace settings on the Cisco Unified CallManager Serviceability page and
download the RTMT plug-in from the CallManager Administration page to view the trace output.

Answer: D
Before a SAF client begins to forward, publish, subscribe, and update service data, with which option must it establish a relationship?

A.    SAF service identifier
B.    SAF domains
C.    SAF forwarder
D.    SAF Cisco Unified Communications Manager

Answer: C

Which size is the jitter buffer of the Cisco MTP transcoder?

A.    10 – 30 ms
B.    45 – 60 ms
C.    20 – 40 ms
D.    25 – 50 ms

Answer: C
You are troubleshooting why a user cannot make calls to the PSTN. You are reviewing trace files and you have found where the user’s IP phone initiates the call but you never see the call go out the gateway. What is the next step in troubleshooting this issue?

A.    Look in the SDL trace file to see if there is a signal to another Cisco Unified CallManager node with the
same time-stamp.
B.    Look in the SDL trace file to see if there is a signal to another Cisco Unified CallManager node with the
same TCP handle.
C.    Look in the IP Voice Media Streaming App trace file to see if an MTP was invoked.
D.    Look in the MGCP trace file to determine which MGCP gateway the call was sent to.

Answer: A


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