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You create a new workflow that includes several types of elements.
You need to configure the lower level properties on these elements.
Which two types of workflow elements require you to click the Level down button to configure the element? Each correct answer presents a complete solution

A.    parallel activities
B.    conditional decisions
C.    approvals
D.    manual decisions

Answer: CD

You create a workflow in Microsoft Dynamics AX. You are unable to activate the workflow due to an error. You need to determine which element caused the error.
What should you do?

A.    Review the workflow runtime error log
B.    Double-click the error message.
C.    Open the Windows Event Viewer.
D.    Review the workflow activation error log

Answer: B

You need to configure the workflow execution account. Which form should you use?

A.    Server configuration
B.    Workflow parameters
C.    Workflow infrastructure configuration
D.    System parameters
E.    System service accounts

Answer: E

You are adding a manual decision to a vendor invoice workflow.
You need the Accounts payable manager to evaluate the invoices.
Which Assignment type should you choose to base the assignment on a security role?

A.    Workflow user
B.    User
C.    Participant
D.    Queue

Answer: C

You need to install multiple instances of Microsoft Dynamics AX on a single computer.
Which component setup is NOT supported?

A.    installing multiple enterprise portal instances.
B.    installing multiple Application Object Server instances.
C.    installing multiple Report Services extensions.
D.    installing multiple NET business connector instances.

Answer: D

You plan to run the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Server Configuration utility.
Which two tasks can you perform?
Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

A.    Configure data compression between the clients and the server.
B.    Configure encryption between the clients and the server.
C.    Specify the location of the model store.
D.    Control access to application object server printers.

Answer: BD


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