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Pilot testing of the new switching infrastructure finds that when the root port is lost, STP immediately replaces the root port with an alternative root port. Which spanning-tree technology is used to accomplish backup root port selection?

A.    PVST+
B.    PortFast
C.    BackboneFast
D.    UplinkFast
E.    Loop Guard
F.    UDLD

Answer: D

A network engineer must adjust the STP interface attributes to influence root port selection. Which two elements are used to accomplish this? (Choose two.)

A.    port-priority
B.    cost
C.    forward-timers
D.    link type
E.    root guard

Answer: AB

A network engineer must set the load balance method on an existing port channel. Which action must be done to apply a new load balancing method?

A.    Configure the new load balancing method using port-channel load-balance.
B.    Adjust the switch SDM back to “default”.
C.    Ensure that IP CEF is enabled globally to support all load balancing methods.
D.    Upgrade the PFC to support the latest load balancing methods.

Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit. A network engineer investigates a recent network failure and notices that one of the interfaces on the switch is still down. What is causing the line protocol on this interface to be shown as down?

A.    There is a layer 1 physical issue.
B.    There is a speed mismatch on the interface.
C.    The interface is configured as the target of the SPAN session.
D.    The interface is configured as the source of the SPAN session.
E.    There is a duplex mismatch on the interface.

Answer: C

While doing network discovery using Cisco Discovery Protocol, it is found that rapid error tracking is not currently enabled. Which option must be enabled to allow for enhanced reporting mechanisms using Cisco Discovery Protocol?

A.    Cisco Discovery Protocol version 2
B.    Cisco IOS Embedded Event Manager
C.    logging buffered
D.    Cisco Discovery Protocol source interface
E.    Cisco Discovery Protocol logging options

Answer: A

After port security is deployed throughout an enterprise campus, the network team has been overwhelmed with port reset requests. They decide to configure the network to automate the process of re-enabling user ports. Which command accomplishes this task?

A.    switch(config)# errdisable recovery interval 180
B.    switch(config)# errdisable recovery cause psecure-violation
C.    switch(config)# switchport port-security protect
D.    switch(config)# switchport port-security aging type inactivity
E.    switch(config)# errdisable recovery cause security-violation

Answer: B

The network monitoring application alerts a network engineer of a client PC that is acting as a rogue DHCP server. Which two commands help trace this PC when the MAC address is known? (Choose two.)

A.    switch# show mac address-table
B.    switch# show port-security
C.    switch# show ip verify source
D.    switch# show ip arp inspection
E.    switch# show mac address-table address <mac address>

Answer: AE

A network engineer has just deployed a non-Cisco device in the network and wants to get information about it from a connected device. Cisco Discovery Protocol is not supported, so the open standard protocol must be configured. Which protocol does the network engineer configure on both devices to accomplish this?

A.    IRDP
B.    LLDP
C.    NDP
D.    LLTD

Answer: B

A manager tells the network engineer to permit only certain VLANs across a specific trunk interface. Which option can be configured to accomplish this?

A.    allowed VLAN list
B.    VTP pruning
C.    VACL
D.    L2P tunneling

Answer: A

For client server failover purposes, the application server team has indicated that they must not have the standard 30 second delay before their switchport enters a forwarding state. For their disaster recovery feature to operate successfully, they require the switchport to enter a forwarding state immediately. Which spanning-tree feature satisfies this requirement?

A.    Rapid Spanning-Tree
B.    Spanning-Tree Timers
C.    Spanning-Tree FastPort
D.    Spanning-Tree PortFast
E.    Spanning-Tree Fast Forward

Answer: D


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