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Which three statements about Cisco CWS are true’? (Choose three)

A.    It provides protection against zero-day threats.
B.    Cisco 510 provides it with threat updates in near real time.
C.    It supports granular application policies.
D.    Its Roaming User Protection feature protects the VPN from malware and data breaches.
E.    It supports local content caching.
F.    Its Cognitive Threat Analytics feature uses cloud-based analysis and detection to block threats outside the network.

Answer: ABC

Which Cisco Advanced Malware protection for Endpoints deployment architecture is designed to keep data within a network perimeter?

A.    cloud web services
B.    network AMP
C.    private cloud
D.    public cloud

Answer: C

Which type of policy do you configure if you want to look for a combination of events using Boolean logic?

A.    correlation
B.    application detector
C.    traffic profile
D.    access control
E.    intrusion

Answer: A

Which interface type allows packets to be dropped?

A.    passive
B.    inline
C.    TAP
D.    either passive or inline, provided that the intrusion policy has the Drop When lnline check box selected.

Answer: D

Which Cisco Firepower rule action displays a HTTP warning page and resets the connection of HTTP traffic specified in the access control rule ?

A.    Interactive Block with Reset
B.    Block
C.    Allow with Warning
D.    Interactive Block

Answer: C

With Cisco AMP for Endpoints on Windows, which three engines are available in the connector? (Choose three)

A.    Ethos
B.    Tetra
C.    Annas
D.    Spero
E.    Talos
F.    ClamAV

Answer: ABD

Refer to the exhibit. Which option is a result of this configuration?

A.    All ingress traffic on the inside interface that matches the access list is redirected.
B.    All egress traffic on the outside interface that matches the access list is redirected.
C.    All TCP traffic that arrives on the inside interface is redirected.
D.    All ingress and egress traffic is redirected to the Cisco FirePOWER module.

Answer: D

What are two requirements for configuring a hybrid interface in FirePOWER? (Choose two)

A.    virtual network
B.    virtual router
C.    virtual appliance
D.    virtual switch
E.    virtual context

Answer: AD

Which type of policy is used to define the scope for applications that are running on hosts?

A.    access control policy.
B.    application awareness policy.
C.    application detector policy.
D.    network discovery policy.

Answer: B

When you configure the Cisco ESA to perform blacklisting, what are two items you can disable to enhance performance? (Choose two.)

A.    rootkit detection
B.    spam scanning
C.    APT detection
D.    antivirus scanning
E.    URL filtering

Answer: BD


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