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Custom whitelists are used for which purpose?

A.    to specify which files to alert on
B.    to specify which files to delete
C.    to specify which files to ignore
D.    to specify which files to sandbox

Answer: C

How does application blocking enhance security?

A.    It identifies and logs usage.
B.    It tracks application abuse.
C.    It deletes identified applications.
D.    It blocks vulnerable applications from running, until they are patched.

Answer: D

Which set of actions would you take to create a simple custom detection?

A.    Add a SHA-256 value; upload a file to calculate a SHA-256 value; upload a text file that contains SHA-256 values.
B.    Upload a packet capture; use a Snort rule; use a ClamAV rule.
C.    Manually input the PE header data, the MD-5 hash, and a list of MD-5 hashes.
D.    Input the file and file name.

Answer: A

Advanced custom signatures are written using which type of syntax?

A.    Snort signatures
B.    Firewall signatures
C.    ClamAV signatures
D.    bash shell

Answer: C

Which statement represents a best practice for deploying on Windows servers?

A.    You should treat Windows servers like any other host in the deployment.
B.    You should obtain the Microsoft TechNet article that describes the proper exclusions for Windows servers.
C.    You should never configure exclusions for Windows servers.
D.    You should deploy FireAMP connectors only alongside existing antivirus software on Windows servers.

Answer: B

File information is sent to the Sourcefire Collective Security Intelligence Cloud using which format?

A.    MD5
B.    SHA-1
C.    filenames
D.    SHA-256

Answer: D

When discussing the FireAMP product, which term does the acronym DFC represent?

A.    It means Detected Forensic Cause.
B.    It means Duplicate File Contents.
C.    It means Device Flow Correlation.
D.    It is not an acronym that is associated with the FireAMP product.

Answer: C

What do policies enable you to do?

A.    specify a custom whitelist
B.    specify group membership
C.    specify hosts to include in reports
D.    specify which events to view

Answer: A

What is the default clean disposition cache setting?

A.    3600
B.    604800
C.    10080
D.    1 hour

Answer: B

How many days’ worth of data do the widgets on the dashboard page display?

A.    the previous 5 days of data
B.    the previous 6 days of data
C.    the previous 7 days of data
D.    the number of days you set in the dashboard configuration

Answer: C


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