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When a directly connected host pings a switch virtual interface on the Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Switch, there is intermittent ping loss. What is the cause?

A.    CoPP is applying microflow policing to all traffic from the host that is destined to the CPU.
B.    CoPP is applying microflow policing to all traffic to the host that is leaving the CPU.
C.    CoPP is rate-limiting all ICMP traffic that is destined to the CPU.
D.    CoPP is rate-limiting all ICMP traffic that is leaving the CPU.

Answer: C

Which command displays the traffic statistics for a port channel interface?

A.    show interface port-channel channel-number
B.    show port-channel traffic
C.    show port-channel usage
D.    show port-channel compatibility-parameters

Answer: B

Which statement is true regarding LACP configuration?

A.    With LACP, you can bundle up to 16 interfaces in a channel group.
B.    LACP configuration is global and can be only configured by admin.
C.    After removing LACP configuration, you need to reboot the device.
D.    You can disable LACP while any LACP configurations are present.

Answer: A

Which two statements are true regarding vPC configuration? (Choose two.)

A.    With vPC, there are no blocked ports.
B.    vPC uses hash-based EtherChannel load balancing.
C.    There are STP-blocked redundant links.
D.    There is VLAN-based load balancing.
E.    There is higher oversubscription.

Answer: AB

Refer to exhibit. Customer has a pair of Cisco Nexus7010s switches and connected to a single Cisco Nexus5548 switch via vPC. Customer has a combination of M1 and F1 I/O Modules in Cisco Nexus7010s.
Why is the design described not supported?

A.    Mixing I/O Modules on the Same Side of a Peer Link is not supported
B.    vPC does not support split control plane
C.    You can not configure a vPC peer link to configure two devices as vPCs
D.    Need to add another Cisco Nexus5548 switch to the topology to make this work.

Answer: A

In designing virtual firewalls for a data center environment using the Cisco Nexus 7010 Switch, which two are valid design options? (Choose two.)

A.    Multiple VSSs can be assigned to a different VDC.
B.    Different VDCs can be deployed for each virtual firewall.
C.    Multiple VRFs can be used, each of which can allocate a VSS for each virtual firewall.
D.    A subset of VLANs and VRFs can be assigned to a virtual management domain.
E.    Multiple VRFs can be associated with each virtual firewall within a single VDC.

Answer: BE
Which three characteristics are associated with the access layer of a Data Center Unified Fabric network? (Choose three.)

A.    no packet manipulation
B.    QoS–policing
C.    voice, data, and wireless convergence
D.    scalable routing protocols like OSPF
E.    provides default gateway redundancy
F.    QoS – classification and queuing
G.    routing manipulation and filtering
H.    aggregates end users

Answer: CFH

Which protocols are Cisco recommended for connecting the main data center to a remote data center?

A.    LISP
B.    OTV
C.    FabricPath
D.    vPC

Answer: B

When migrating an existing data center network to a unified fabric network, which transitions should you expect to see?

A.    IOS to Nexus networking equipment
B.    physical to virtual machines
C.    Fibre Chanel to FCoE
D.    iSCSI to NAS

Answer: C

Which three protocols are effective in minimizing the use of STP in the data center design? (Choose three.)

A.    FCoE
B.    vPC
C.    vDC
D.    FabricPath
E.    802.1ad
F.    STP

Answer: ABD
A customer is deploying FCoE in its networ and has found that the connected host does not support FIP. Which command will be useful in troubleshooting this issue?

A.    show platform fcoe_mgr info interface vfc id
B.    show platform fcoe_mgr info software interface vfc id
C.    show platform software fcoe_mgr info interface vfc id
D.    show platform software interface fcoe_mgr info vfc id

Answer: C


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