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Which option is part of an implementation strategy?

A.    names of employees and their user IDs
B.    completion criteria for major work packages that are dependent on other projects
C.    name of the finance rep who is responsible for tracking costs
D.    response time requirements for executive quarterly update videos

Answer: B

Which statement describes why it is important to separate major from minor problems in getting expected benefits?

A.    Major problems are always harder to fix.
B.    Minor problems usually affect more people.
C.    This information is used for system status reporting.
D.    An accurate breakdown allows for putting resource on items with high impact.

Answer: D

Which action is the recommended way to establish trusted-advisor credibility with a senior business executive?

A.    Ask open-ended questions about the organization’s priorities and goals.
B.    Ask questions about the IT organization’s track record for problem resolution.
C.    Provide an overview of your sales team’s reporting structure and metrics.
D.    Ask detailed questions about the process to acquire cloud computing solutions.

Answer: A

Which option is part of a communication plan?

A.    name and department number of email recipients
B.    frequency and method to distribute status information
C.    reporting structure for a department
D.    rating of support

Answer: B

Which action is a recommended way to capture concerns about benefits?

A.    Ask people their opinion in a large group meeting.
B.    Conduct a focus group with people who are close to the plan and who know the business area.
C.    Watch a user who is trying to do her job.
D.    Include a question in the company employee satisfaction survey.

Answer: B

Which pieces of information help to assess user readiness for a rollout?

A.    number of users and years in role
B.    user awareness and time scheduled for training
C.    budget and testing script
D.    number of changes in processes and number of open help desk problems

Answer: B

Which option explains how a manager’s viewpoint can be confirmed?

A.    by validating with the manager’s boss
B.    by running a group session
C.    by asking the manager for evidence
D.    by restating the manager’s view and asking if you understood correctly

Answer: D

Which option is the recommended scope for a work package?

A.    three business capabilities
B.    one technical subsystem
C.    one major business capability
D.    no recommended size

Answer: C

Which option is a governance approach for a project?

A.    a process for approving changes
B.    an annual strategy planning session
C.    informal surveys
D.    a job description for network architect

Answer: A

Which action is the recommended way to describe business unit benefits from upgrading a customer’s 2-year old network?

A.    Highlight the improved response time and service level possible.
B.    Relate the increase in reliability and performance to the impact on business activities that are supported by the network.
C.    Describe how the capacity upgrade allows the customer to reduce support headcount within the IT organization.
D.    Focus on the unique aspects of Cisco advanced technology, as compared with the customer’s current network.

Answer: B


1.|2016/11 New 840-425 Exam Dumps (PDF & VCE) 128Q&As Download:

2.|2016/11 New 840-425 Exam Questions & Answers:

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