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A Cisco UCS Director user placed a service request with a workflow. Under which condition must the user wait for approval?

A.    if the workflow is published in the Cisco Prime Service Catalog
B.    if the workflow requires approval
C.    if there is domain separation
D.    if the service request is not standard

Answer: B

A cloud administrator for an enterprise organization must create and deploy a web application in the private cloud of the organization. The environment consists of two web servers: one application server and one database server. The application stack should be available only to Internet traffic while keeping the database and application server completely secure.
Which Cisco UCS Director component should the administrator use to simplify this task?

A.    fenced application containers
B.    vApp containers
C.    VM containers
D.    application containers

Answer: C

An administrator is trying to configure case-sensitive user login for the Cisco UCS Director Self- Service Portal. How can this task be accomplished?

A.    The username is case-sensitive by default and can be changed while creating the user role.
B.    The domain name is case-insensitive with LDAP integration and cannot be changed.
C.    The username is case-insensitive by default and can be changed while creating the user role.
D.    The domain name is case-sensitive by default and cannot be changed.

Answer: B

An engineer is configuring email templates. Which language should be used?

A.    Cloupia scripting language
B.    Java programming language
C.    PHP programming language
D.    JavaScript programming language

Answer: A

An administrator is completing a service form in Cisco Prime Service Catalog but is unable to change the icon for it. Which image file type is causing this issue?

A.    GIF
B.    SVG
C.    TIF
D.    PSD
E.    PNG

Answer: C

Following a disaster, an engineer must configure a database restoration using Cisco UCS Director. Which kind of backup should be used?

A.    FULL state
B.    system configuration
C.    all configuration
D.    logical configuration

Answer: A

An engineer is configuring user roles in the portal. Which two responsibilities are matched with the Cloud Provider-Technical role? (Choose two.)

A.    assumes financial responsibility of the cloud
B.    sets up cloud infrastructure
C.    ensures that administrators are assigned to be able to manage tenants
D.    integrates cloud management products to match the client cloud infrastructure design
E.    requests new servers from the tenant catalog

Answer: BC

An engineer configured DHCP with PXE for Bare Metal Agent and wants to change the Ethernet interface name for PXE but is unable to change it. What is a reason for this issue?

A.    The engineer is trying to use Cisco UCS Director Shell menu.
B.    DHCP configuration cannot be modified.
C.    The engineer is trying to use SSH.
D.    There is only one Ethernet interface.

Answer: C

An engineer wants to back up the Cisco UCS Director database. Which interface should be used?

A.    Cisco UCS Manager
B.    SSH
C.    PuTTY
D.    Shell Menu

Answer: D

Which two services are supported by Cisco Prime Service Catalog? (Choose two.)

A.    Reserve BGP AS in Portal
B.    Clone VM to Template
C.    Set HTTP Agent Configuration
D.    Associate Elastic IP Address
E.    Provision vASA

Answer: AD


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